Financial Assistance

General Giving Tree

If you desire to come to JH Ranch but cannot afford the full tuition cost, we would love for you to apply for aid through our General Giving Tree program. This program was designed to help meet the needs of people who do not have the full financial means to attend a program at JH Ranch.

When you apply for aid we will pursue General Giving Tree donations on your behalf.  All applicants are required to contribute a portion of your registration cost. Your registration is considered "Pending” until we can secure a donation on your behalf, and have a payment or payment plan in place for your own contribution. Applying for aid does not guarantee that we will be able to raise an amount to help you with your registration cost; however, we will also support you by providing material to assist you in your own fund raising. 

Any programs that are full and on a waiting list are no longer available to apply for financial aid to attend. It is to your advantage to apply as early as possible for financial aid. 

We are currently accepting applications for financial aid for Summer 2018 for our Parent Son/Daughter weeks and Cloud 9! If you plan to apply for aid to come to the Ranch for 2018 please do not delay in completing an application. As several programs have already filled, it is best to complete your application as soon as possible to get the process started. Once a program is full financial aid applications for that program will no longer be available. 2018 Student Programs Challenge, Second Wind, and Trac II are full and no longer open for financial aid. 

For more information or to apply for the General Giving Tree please contact Shari Johnson, our Giving Tree Registrar at 800-242-1224 or She would love to hear from you and will provide you with more information on the program!

Our Giving Tree program exists thanks to the generosity of those that contribute to the General Giving Tree. If you are interested in helping families experience JH Ranch, and giving a gift that will directly impact the lives of others you can make a donation by clicking here. 



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