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Parent/Son Daughter
Screaming Eagle. Odyssey. Dragonís Tooth. Happy Camp. Big Top. Do you know what these are? If you do, then you know you want to come back and experience them again. If you donít - why not find out?

Parents - This week will be an investment in your childís future and in your relationship with them. If you want to be equipped to biblically prepare your child for the challenges and opportunities of adulthood then you want to invest in this week together. If your son or daughter is at least 12 years old then we created this program for you.

Sons and Daughters - Whitewater-rafting, hiking, ropes courses, ice cream and free time at the lake - sound fun? We think so too. Get ready to climb, jump, and swim for a week in the mountains of northern California with your mother or father. You will have a blast and also learn more in a week about yourself and about your parents than you ever thought possible. Join us this summer to experience a summer you will never forget!
Each week long experience will focus on the following three areas of practical responsibility that come with growing independence:
  • Bonding: Shared goals, challenges and adventures are often the ingredients needed to build strong and lasting relationships.
  • Communication: The degree of influence parents will have on their children in preparation for adulthood is directly proportional to the level of communication they have been able to establish with their children during their bonding years.
  • Maturity: In order to adequately prepare a child for adulthood, specific times of transition are essential.
    • The Right of Passage
    • The Covenant of Purity
    • The Journey of Transition

The Parent Child Programs dates for 2017 are:

June 2 - 9 Parent & Son/Daughter ($3,200)

June 10 - 17 Father & Daughter Only ($3,200)

July 2 - July 9 Father & Son/Daughter ($3,200)

July 23 - July 30 Father & Son/Daughter ($3,200)

July 31 - August 7 Parent & Son/Daughter ($3,200)

Cancellation Policy and Conditions of Application
Tuition is due in full at time of registration. Tuition (less $200) is fully refundable until April 1st. If cancellation occurs after April 1st, the entire tuition will be forfeited. Choosing to change sessions within 30 days of your program's start date is considered to be a cancellation of an existing registration.

The Parent Child Programs dates for 2018 are:

June 1 - 8 Parent & Son/Daughter ($3,350)

June 9 - 16 Father & Daughter Only ($3,350)

June 30 - July 7 Father & Son/Daughter ($3,350)

July 21 - July 28 Father & Son/Daughter ($3,350)

July 29 - August 5 Parent & Son/Daughter ($3,350)

August 6 - August 13 Parent & Son/Daughter ($3,350)



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