Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Adventures

Prepare for Life’s
Greatest Journey

Before planning your wedding, plan a trip to our special couples adventure. Cloud 9 is an immersive weeklong experience designed to help you and your potential or future spouse prepare for a strong and spiritually healthy marriage. Together, you will bond over fun and challenging activities, while receiving some of the best wisdom on how to prepare for married life. As you grow closer, you will discover a deeper appreciation and love for each other. Whether sharing a heart to heart conversation, climbing the ropes course, or conquering the rapids on a whitewater rafting excursion, you will develop a rich and true connection and pure romance. 


Etna, California

session Dates:

July 30 – August 6
August 7 – 14

Program Size:

10 Couples 
Per session

Program Cost:

$4,100 Per


Seriously Dating or Engaged Couples

“Take a week and prepare for your marriage.”

Adventure Highlights

With many exhilarating activities on site, you will be able to experience ropes courses, rodeo games, day hikes, mountain biking, zip lines, climbing walls, and lake activities all within the property. Each session also includes a whitewater rafting excursion nearby.

What to

Adventure Activities
Go on a sunrise horseback ride, bike on a backcountry trail, raft on a wild river or cruise down a massive lake slide, whatever challenge you choose will be a grand adventure. At JH Ranch, every thrilling activity, from the rodeo games and giant “Screaming Eagle” swing to zip lines and climbing walls, sets the tone for a life-changing week with your loved one. Empowering lessons of teamwork, communication, and leadership are naturally incorporated into each activity, instilling biblical principles in the most practical and applicable ways possible.
Legendary Hospitality
Savor the last bite of a buttery biscuit. Sip on a craft coffee beverage. Swap stories over a homemade meal. At JH Ranch, dining is such a delightful experience, it’s almost the main event. Our guests share most meals in a gorgeous, open-air pavilion that is truly a feast for all the senses. Original recipes, fresh flavors, and gracious hospitality combine to create a tasty experience for everyone.
Big Top Talks
Every evening, we host a fun community-wide gathering in the “Big Top.” Each night is filled with great music, powerful moments, and inspiring talks. These sessions are a wonderful opportunity for our guests to discover their purpose, experience God’s love, and connect with others in a beautiful setting unlike any other.
A Happening Place
A refuge in the middle of a remote forest, the JH Ranch spans nearly a thousand acres in the Northern California wilderness. Just down the road from a small mountain town, it is surrounded by incredible views of rambling rivers, snow-capped peaks, and wide-open meadows. With unparalleled access to the Russian Wilderness, Pacific Crest Trail, and Klamath River, it is ideally located for all kinds of outdoor adventures from back-country hikes to whitewater rafting excursions. This special place feels almost like heaven on earth.