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Where is JH Ranch located?
JH Ranch is located outside of the town of Etna in the mountains of Northern California.
Our address is:
8525 Homestead Lane
Etna, CA 96027
Is JH Ranch a non-profit?
Yes, JH Ranch is a 501(c)3 non-profit certified by the ECFA.
What's the connection to Birmingham, Alabama?
In 1987, Bruce Johnston married a girl from Birmingham, Heather Hampe. After a few years of living on the west coast, she told Bruce it was time to head South and since that time our winter headquarters have been in Birmingham, Alabama.
How can I share my prayer requests with the Ranch?
We love having the opportunity to prayer for the needs of our Ranch guests! To share you prayer needs, please email Leslie Freeman at lfreeman@jhranch.com. If your request is confidential, simply make mention of that in your email.
What airport do most guests fly into?
The most popular airport for guests is Sacramento (SMF) due to more flight options. It is approximately a five-hour drive. San Francisco and other area airports would be other options with a minimum six-hour drive. The closest airport to JH Ranch is in Medford, OR (MFR). It is approximately a two-hour drive to JH Ranch. PLEASE NOTE: All Challenge, Second Wind and Trac II students are REQUIRED to fly in and out of Sacramento arriving and departing within the specified times. Please see the Travel Info tab for more information.
Do you take roommate requests?
We do not take roommate requests for Challenge, Second Wind, or Trac II. You may make requests for our Parent & Son/Daughter program, although we make no guarantees.
Will my child be with other people their age?
Yes, all students are placed on teams according to age.
Can I mail my child a package while at the Ranch?
We ask that you do not mail your child packages while at JH Ranch. You are welcome to mail letters to your child during his or her program. You are also welcome to purchase an email package, which allows you to email your child. We will print the email and deliver to your child each night. Please be aware that they will not have the ability to respond. You can purchase the email package on your online account.
What time should my child's flight arrive and depart for Challenge, Second Wind, or Trac II?
Please schedule your child’s flight to arrive to Sacramento by 2:00 PM on the program start date and depart no earlier than 9:30 AM on the program’s end date. For more information on travel, please see the Travel Info tab.
How will I / my child get to JH Ranch from the airport?
For Challenge, Second Wind, and Trac II, our staff arranges bus transportation to and from the Sacramento airport with specified arrival and departure times. For Parent & Son/Daughter and Cloud 9, guests rent cars for the week. For information on travel please see the Travel Info tab.
What time do I need to arrive at JH Ranch for a Parent & Son/Daughter or Cloud 9 week?
Check-in for your program is between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM on the first day listed for your program dates. Please remember to have dinner before you arrive!
When do I leave?
The last day listed on your program dates is your departure date. We will have a continental breakfast available for you on that morning, and you are free to leave as early as you need that morning.
When is my payment due?
Tuition for all registrations is due upon registering. Payment plans are available upon request, but must be secured on a major credit card.
What is your refund policy?
All registrations are 100% refundable (with a cancellation fee of $300) until March 1. During the month of March, all registrations are 50% refundable (with cancellation fee). After April 1, registrations are no-longer refundable, but can be rolled-over to the following summer. Registrations can only be rolled-over once and any increase in tuition price between Summers will apply.
Can I transfer into a different session?
You may transfer your registration once to a different session depending upon availability in that session. However, if your transfer request is received within 30 days of your program beginning there is a transfer fee of $1,000.
What is my online account and how do I access it?
Your online account is established when you either register online or over the phone, and the link is at the top of our website Register/Sign In. Your email address and the password you designate allow you to access your account. Your account allows you to see your registration and update your information as well as reserve equipment and purchase items from the bookstore.
Do you have a sponsorship program?
Yes, our sponsorship program is called Giving Tree. You can give to the Giving Tree at jhranch.com/donate, or email email Rebecca at rgabriel@jhranch.com to apply for a sponsorship.

Find a

If you are considering joining us during a Summer Program, we want to invite you to one of our JH Ranch Presentations! These presentations are hosted in a JH guest’s home to share about the Ranch and their personal experiences from their program. Our host family coordinates these presentations all over the country, come join us to learn more about what JH is all about and meet other Ranch families. Please contact Lynn Bennett at lbennett@jhranch.com to learn more!

Lafayette, LA
Sunday, January  15, 2023
Ronald and Katy Fremin's Home

Mandeville, LA
Monday, January  16, 2023
Marc and Christine Lombardo's Home

Orlando, FL
Wednesday, January  18, 2023
Tim and Michelle Seneff's Office

College Station, TX
Sunday, January  22, 2023
Clint and Brandi Cooper's Home

Austin, TX
Monday, January  23, 2023
Stuart and Kathy Dupuy's Home

Chattanooga, TN
Sunday, January  29, 2023
PJ and Maggie Nardy's Home

Park City, UT
Sunday, January  29, 2023
Newt and Kim Collinson's Home

Santa Clara, CA
Sunday, February 6, 2023
Eric and Michelle Thoreson's Home

Sherwood, OR
Monday, February 8, 2023
Kristen and Jeff Douglass's Home

Nashville, TN
Sunday, March 5, 2023
Steve and Amanda Myers's Home


Rae Gordon
JH Host Family Manager
Lynn Bennett
JH Host Family Manager
Nita Monroe
JH Host Family Manager

Your Journey
to the Ranch

Directions (Parent/Teen & Couples Programs)

Most guests fly into one of the following airports and rent a car to drive the rest of the way to JH Ranch. Guests typically share that flying Southwest or Delta are the best options for them.

Please note that your drive time will vary greatly depending upon the airport you fly into and route you take, so please plan your total travel time when booking your flight. Some guests enjoy driving up/down the coast before or after their time at the Ranch.

You may wish to consider carpooling as the only time you will need your car is for the drive to and from the airport and to drive to the river on your rafting day. Please see the Carpool tab on our pre-arrival page for more details.

Nearby Airports

Medford, OR (MFR): 1.5 hours 

Redding, CA (RDD): 2.5 hours

Sacramento, CA (SMF): 4.3 hours 

San Francisco, CA (SFO): 6.15 hours

Arrival & Departure Information

Your travel days are the first and last days listed on your program dates.

For example, if your program is from June 3 – June 10, then you will book your plans to arrive at JH Ranch on the evening of June 3 and to depart JH Ranch on the morning of June 10.

Your Arrival: Check-in will be between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM on your arrival night. Please note that dinner will NOT be served at the Ranch on arrival night, so be sure to eat before you arrive. We suggest grabbing a bite to eat in Yreka or Fort Jones. We will have light hors d’oeuvres. 

Your Departure: Your final evening will be a closing banquet that usually concludes by 11:00 PM. Guests are free to depart for home anytime after this banquet. A continental breakfast will be available the following morning (the last listed day of your program). (For example, if your program date ends on Saturday, the closing banquet is Friday night and Saturday is your travel day.)

Arriving Late?

Not a problem. Just give us a call at 800.242.1224 and let us know about the delay in your travel plans. 

When you arrive, you will drive up Lodge Hill where a staff member will be on-duty throughout the night to welcome you and take you to your cabin.

Directions (Student Programs)

JH Ranch provides transportation between the Sacramento airport and JH Ranch. Please arrange to either drop your student off at the Sacramento airport or have them fly in before 2:00 PM PT on the first day of their program.

Please also book their departure flight no earlier than 9:30 AM to allow plenty of time for their buses to arrive at the airport from JH Ranch.

Upon arrival at the Sacramento airport, our staff (who will be wearing red JH t-shirts) will greet them, help them get their luggage, and give them further instructions. You will receive an email with your student’s photo upon our staff checking them in at the airport.

Be sure to check your individual airline’s policies on restrictions and fees, especially regarding unaccompanied minors. Each airline has a slightly different policy. If your student is traveling as an unaccompanied minor, please let us know and a staff member will be there to meet him or her at the arrival gate.

Lastly, please remember to pre-pay your student’s baggage fees for both their arrival and return flights, or ensure that they have enough money for the various fees.

Let us know!

It is critical that you inform us of your student’s travel itinerary as soon as you confirm their flight.

Once the flights are booked, please provide your travel information to us via your account at jhranch.com

If you have any questions, reach out to us at 800.242.1224.

Driving Directions

Sacramento, California Airport (Airport Code: SMF)

JH Ranch is located about 5 hours north of the Sacramento Airport. Exit the Sacramento Airport, going north on I-5. Travel north on I-5 to Exit 773, Yreka (HWY – 3). Take HWY-3 south through Fort Jones to Etna. Just before reaching Etna, turn left and continue on Highway 3 toward Callahan. Four miles south of Etna, turn right on French Creek Road. The Ranch is located four and a half miles up French Creek Road on the right.

Medford, Oregon Airport (Airport Code: MFR)

JH Ranch is located about 2 hours south of the Medford Airport. Exit the Medford Airport, turning left on Biddle Road. Go 1 mile until you see signs for I-5 South. Take I-5 South to Exit 773, Yreka (HWY -3). Take HWY-3 south through Fort Jones to Etna. Just before reaching Etna, turn left and continue on Highway 3 toward Callahan. Four miles south of Etna, turn right on French Creek Road. The Ranch is located four and a half miles up French Creek Road on the right.

San Francisco, California Airport (Airport Code: SFO)

From the Bay area, take Highway 80 east to I-505 north to I-5 north. Travel north on I-5 to Exit 773, Yreka (HWY- 3). Take HWY-3 south through Fort Jones to Etna. Just before reaching Etna, turn left and continue on Highway 3 toward Callahan. Four miles south of Etna, turn right on French Creek Road. The Ranch is located four and a half miles up French Creek Road on the right.

Ranch Map

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Be sure to download your program’s specific pdf to see your packing list, travel details, and other important information. 

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