JH Ranch


The Everlasting
Adventure Continues...

Men were made with a trail to run and a destination in mind.  Few take the time to look at the map to find the trail that leads to life. Suppose the voice of God revealed your life’s purpose clearly through an unforgettable moment… Would your heart be open to receive it?

At JH Ranch, we believe that men have been entrusted with a divine mission: to lead, to teach, and to exemplify the greatest commandment – to love God and others with a full heart. 

It is too easy to draw definition from competing missions rather than fulfilling God’s mission for our lives. And as natural providers, who can often find ourselves operating in high-stakes environments, our greatest obstacle is finding the freedom and desire to love unconditionally.

How much more authentic could we be if we possessed the freedom of focus and the natural desire to achieve God’s mission for our lives? The path forward is all too evident from the perspective of the summit. 

Come join a group of men in the adventurous mountains of northern California who have decided to put down life’s many distractions to find the trail that they were made for.  We’re not promising a rose garden. What we guarantee is an authentic JH experience – an inroad to the Everlasting Adventure.

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Etna, California

session DATES:

September 15-22, 2024


Program Size:

60 Men

2024 Program Cost:

($4,900- $1,000 Pilot Program Discount)


25 & older

A life not evaluated is not worth living.

Adventure Highlights

With many exhilarating activities on site, you will be able to experience ropes courses, mountain biking, zip lining, low ropes, and lake activities all within the property. Then you will head into the wilderness for a 3-day, 2-night backpacking trip along the Pacific Coast trail.

A stronger bond with each adventure

What to

An Undistracted Environment
At JH Ranch, you will experience the freedom and desire to execute your God-given mission. Expect to unplug and to practice being present in your remote surroundings. Whether you wake up early with the sun or experience a personal transformation in one of our evening Big Top meetings, you will naturally find yourself in settings of perpetual worship, reflection, and gratitude.
New Adventures
Expect to be challenged spiritually, mentally, and physically through a series of activities such as a backpacking exploration of the high alpine lakes, adventure team challenges and learning valuable life skills… all while embracing the everlasting adventure.
Authentic Connection
Embrace the challenge of finding acceptance in Christ and learn how to extend that same grace to others. You will be challenged in our small group environment to shed layers of status, strength, and competency only to find that you are beloved at the core.
Killer Food
We will eat like kings. Our Chef has been given permission to get creative and he's bringing his A-game so that you can savor every bite of steak, sip on a craft coffee beverage and feast under the stars. At JH Summit, our guests will experience meals as enrichening events where they swap stories from the day. We are here to accommodate dietary restrictions as well as every palate.