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For those who've completed Second Wind

The Pinnacle
Leadership Experience

14,179 feet of Mount Shasta await you and the rest of your Trac II: Mountain team. After this experience, you’ll be able to list “mountain climbing” on your list of hobbies and interests! You’ll begin by hiking to base camp, spend some time in snow school, followed by a hike up to Helen Lake. By the beginning of Day 3, you’ll be strapping your crampons on your boots and preparing to reach the summit of the second highest peak in the continental United States.

Trac II was created to take the Second Wind experience to another level of depth in leadership, personal growth, and spiritual priorities. This program is designed to prepare students to thrive in the face of challenges as they transition from high school to college. Through content-based adventures, students will develop a deeper relationship with God and confidence in their leadership skills.

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Etna, California

2024 session dates:

JUNE 16 – 28
JULY 15 – 27

(Full, add to waitlist or register for 2025)

Program Size:

40 Students
Per session

2024 Program Cost:

Per student


Completed Second Wind
(Ages: Senior High – College)

14,179 ft of Mountain

Adventure Highlights

The first week of the Trac II Adventure features many thrilling activities onsite at the JH Ranch including lake activities, the “Amazing Race”, sports night, and more. Then, the second week we venture off property to summit the majestic Mount Shasta which reaches 14,179ft.


Trac II is a program that will lead to powerful life-changing moments, brought to you by incredible coaches and teachers, all without the distraction of everyday life.

"Best Week of My Life"

What to

7 Areas of Focus
Application is the most important element in the understanding of any truth, principle, or skill. Throughout the two-week experience, students are placed into real-life situations in order to test and apply the things they hear.

1. Life Purpose
2. Problem Solving
3. Goal Setting
4. Guy/Gal Relationships
5. Parent Relationships
6. Spiritual Priorities
7. Personal Standards
Legendary Hospitality
Savor the last bite of a buttery biscuit. Swap stories over a homemade meal. At JH Ranch, dining is such a delightful experience, it’s almost the main event. Our guests share most meals in a gorgeous, open-air pavilion that is truly a feast for all the senses. Original recipes, fresh flavors, and gracious hospitality combine to create a tasty experience for everyone.
Big Top Talks
Every evening, we host a fun community-wide gathering in the “Big Top.” Each night is filled with great music, powerful moments, and inspiring talks. These sessions are a wonderful opportunity for our guests to discover their purpose, experience God’s love, and connect with others in a beautiful setting unlike any other.
A Happening Place
A refuge in the middle of a remote forest, the JH Ranch spans nearly a thousand acres in the Northern California wilderness. Just down the road from a small mountain town, it is surrounded by incredible views of rambling rivers, snow-capped peaks, and wide-open meadows. With unparalleled access to the Russian Wilderness, Pacific Crest Trail, and Klamath River, it is ideally located for all kinds of outdoor adventures from back-country hikes to whitewater rafting excursions. This special place feels almost like heaven on earth.